Meet the LUMA Team

Kristy / Gemma / Kane / Mela

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Meet Kristy


Clinic Owner, Magical Skin Superhero, Perfectionist, Leo + Champagne Enthusiast

Kristy is a problem-solver, results-getter with a desire to help people feel better about themselves. She believes the skin is a mirror of everything that’s going on inside our bodies. With a commitment to empowering you to better your skin every day, she will personalise the right treatments and products to help you reach your skincare goals. “My love and passion for healthy skin and self-confidence comes from my own skin journey. I suffered with Acne for 12 years, spent time, money and energy on every product and treatment to fix the problem. It’s my driving force behind providing real, honest and transparent service to my clients. I believe in happy, confident and real skin. My focus is in progress, not perfection. I listen to your concerns and goals, and work with you to achieve them”.

Kristy studied Beauty Therapy 19 years ago at The International School of Beauty Therapy and completed her International CIDESCO Diploma. She has studied at the Australian Academy of Cosmetic and Dermal Science in Perth, and The Fleming Institute in Melbourne. After nearly two decades in the industry, Kristy consistently keeps up with the ever-evolving changes of the skin and beauty industry by prioritising training and development. This continuous education keeps her at the top of her game.

Kristy owned her own clinic in Fremantle for 7 years, and went on to train as an educator and taught beauty therapy. Kristy loves teaching and educating her clients, to demystify skincare jibber jabber and make it approachable, realistic and holistic. Skills, knowledge, and a tonne of experience makes this Skin Therapist the go-to girl in the Southwest. 

Gemma left, Kristy right.

Meet Gemma


Clinic Owner, Pro Makeup Artist, Tanning Queen, Coffee Lover + Closet Celebrity Impersonator

Gem first stepped foot into the beauty industry 14 years ago, starting with managing skin clinics, and cosmetic houses. From there her passion grew and evolved into freelance makeup artistry, where she studied with MAC in 2011 which led her to working for Channel 7 for My Kitchen Rules, backstage with Perth Fashion Festival, and Fashion Editorials. After moving back home from Perth to the South West 8 years ago, Gem started her freelance makeup artistry business specialising in weddings.

With skin health and makeup artistry being her love and passion, The “queen of natural” has a unique, minimalistic feel and a luxe approach to her artistry. Gem understands that when a client comes to her, everyone is completely different, and she knows that makeup can enhance her client’s special features. “It’s not how makeup can make you look, it’s how it can make you feel. Creating that feeling for my clients on the inside is really what drives me”.

Gem believes the most important part of the makeup process is prepping the base, your skin. “After stumbling across the amazing opportunity to open our very own clinic, we have made it our mission to provide the ultimate one stop skin and beauty shop around” Gem will help you get the best foundation possible – healthy, glowing skin.

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Meet Kane


Naturopath, Counsellor, Spiritual Gangster, Old School Basket Baller + the lucky guy married to Kristy

Kane Parsons, is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Counsellor. He possesses a solid background in both clinical practice, research and education where he has delivered educational seminars on natural medicine to health professionals across the country and overseas.

Kane has been in clinical practice for more than 14 years and specialises in several areas including Women’s Hormones and Gut Health. “We recognise that many skin conditions arise from internal imbalance. In fact, the skin is often the first clue that we have to overall health and vitality”. Naturopathic Consultations are designed to establish the underlying causative factors and triggers. Stress and gut health have a direct link and impact the function and appearance of our skin. Healthy inside = healthy outside. 

Gemma left, Kristy right.

Meet Mela


Doctor, Cosmetic Injector, Australasian Trainer for Allergan, Owner of Bramis Clinic’s Perth, Fashionista, Globetrotter + lover of NZ Sauv Blanc

Dr Mela is a world-renowned cosmetic medical practitioner. She in an overseas-trained eye surgeon, who’s worked several published research programs with the Lion’s Eye Institute. She turned her hand to cosmetic medicine over a decade ago, opening her first clinic in Subiaco in 2010, her second in Inglewood in 2017 and her third this year in Currambine.

Mela is also an Allergan certified Australasian trainer for doctors and nurses who want to learn anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and double chin injections